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 [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes

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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

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PostSubject: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:06 pm

When Guthix Awakes – By: Administrator Of E-Scape 508 - Invincible

Difficulty- Master
Length: Very long
Requirements- Quests: Monkey madness
Skills: 90 Attack, 90 Strength, 90 Smithing, 80 hitpoints,
Other: Ability to defeat all 6 Barrows brothers in a multi-combat zone, Ablilty to defeat the 4 God Wars Dungeon Generals in a multi-combat zone, and to defeat extremely high leveled monsters that are 100-785 combat, also have attempted and succeeded to defeat each God Wars Dungeon General at least once, and have completed Tzhaar Fight Caves.

Description: the time has come. a hero must rise and save the realm, but who will rise? there are Demons attacking Lumbridge, Goraks in the fairy realm, Trolls in Burthope. and only you, can stop this madness.

Quest Start Zone- Juna, in the Lumbridge Slayer Caves

Quest: You start this quest by talking to Juna. she tells you that she was overhearing the gods, and she heard that they were planning to come back to Runescape! She needs your help to stop them from invading the realm. you are given a choice if you want to start this quest. if you pick yes, she will knock you out. while you are knocked out, you see a cutscene. All types of Demons are attacking Lumbridge. you see the fairy realm getting attacked by Goraks, Trolls are attacking Burthope. and then you see the entrance to God Wars Dungeon shaking. the dying knight says, "what was that?!" and then, Monsters and warriors from all the gods sides burst through, and attack the ice wolves. the wolves stand no chance... then you wake up. you appear in front of a giant sized figure, sleeping on the ground near you. Juna is next to you. "My lord," she says, "My lord!." the figure wakes up, "Who DARES disturb my rest?!?!" he shouts. "It is I" says Juna, "Juna, your humble servant." you are confused, "who is this?!" you ask Juna, "and why are you calling him 'my lord'?!" "This person before you," she says, "is the god Guthix"
"But...but..but the gods don't exist!!" you say. "they exist very much, mortal." Juna responds, "and you should watch what you say, or you might anger my lord." Guthix gets up and yawns, "mortal, i can destroy you with a blink if my eye, and i would do this without mercy. and Juna, you know mortals aren't even supposed to see me!" "my lord, this is The Chosen One, the one you predicted in your prophecy long ago, remember?" "he is?" Guthix looks suprised, "but he is nothing but a puny Human!" "this is no ordinary human, my lord. this human has fought off at least 2 tormented demons, and killed the corpreal beast." "well," Guthix stands up to his full height, which makes you really be afraid, "then i must help this mortal on his quest. come along- say, what is your name?" You tell him, "M-m-my name is (your Runescape name), sir" "very well then, come along, it is time for you to meet the others." "the others?" you ask, "what others?" "the other gods, of course" Guthix laughs. "follow me" you follow him down a dark passage way, until you come to an enormous door. "come along then" he opens the door with a mighty pull, and you are temporarily blinded. when the blindness is over, you look and, "oh. my..." "god?" Guthix interrupts, "which one?" you say this because you are looking down in what seems to be heaven. and hell. but on both sides there seems to be armies on everything. "so," Guthix says, "who would you like to see first, Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, or Bandos?" "i choose.... Saradomin!" "good good, off we go, and after that lets go see Armadyl." you walk towads the heaven side, and approach a person about the size of guthix, but having blue and white armour on, with a sword and shield in both hands. "guthix?" he says, "is it really you? you have finnaly woken up from your deep slumber?!" the person is shocked. "(your runescape name), meet Saradomin." "YOU BROUGHT AN ALIVE MORTAL INTO MY PRESENCE??!" he screams. then takes up his sword and is about to stab it..

when Guthix takes the sword and stabs it into the ground. "my brother, calm down. this is The Chosen One." "The Chosen One?" Saradomin asks, "the one from the prophecy?" "yes, s/he is" "then welcome! I'm sorry for that bad first meeting, very sorry indeed." he holds out a huge giant hand, probably meaning to shake it. you hold out your hand, which is puny compared to his, and shake it. "anyway, we must introduce you to Armadyl! lets go!" he gets up from his throne, and walks in a different direction. you and Guthix follow him. as you are walking, you start seeing avansies everywhere. 'i have seen these before,' you think, 'but where?' As you approach Another figure looking just like Saradomin, but instead of blue and white, he wears brown and white. "Hello Armadyl," you, Guthix, and Saradomin say together. "hello my brothers, and.. MORTAL??!?!?!" the same thing happens that happened with Saradomin, but both Guthix and Saradomin explain everything. "ok then," Armadyl says, "let us go to Zamorak." now you start approaching the hell side of this strange place. you start seeing imps and demons everywhere. what seems to be the sun starts dimming and clouds are covering everywhere. you approach a demonic throne. There sits Zamorak. and you repeat everything that happened with the last 2 gods with him. and you do the same thing with Bandos, who is the hugest god. "now listen, my brothers." says Guthix after he introduces you to all of the gods. "as i said before, this mortal is The Chosen One. but, if he really is the chosen one, he will be able to pit himself against many enemies and beasts, with only a weapon, armour, and food. i want you all individually to think about what beasts you are going to release on him. the gods start talking to themselves. "now listen mortal," Guthix says to you privately, "i am going to give to you, the most powerful weapon on Runescape. but indirectly. i know that the gods have chosen all their generals of course. so i have set them to drop

"the 3 godsword shards," "and their hilts, i know i know, i have been to the Dungeon before." you interrupt him with sigh. "no, not their hilts, my hilt. i had my own godsword, just like they did, but i never released it. i only used it once, and after that i destroyed it into fragments. it does not use the regular fragments of their godsword, it has special fragments made only from the realm of Frankensae. this weapon is so powerful, if fallen into the wrong hands it could destroy the realm of Runescape, Frankensae, and any other realm that exists." you are shocked at this. "i have set the 4 generals to drop either 1 of the 3 fragments or the hilt. and the hardest part is, you have to kill them in multi-combat. they will all attack you. this will be on of the hardest battle in your life. and there will be other beasts, so don't think it will be just them. and one more thing," he finishes, "don't die". the gods stop talking. "we have chosen," they say in unison. Zamorak comes up, "i have chosen my general, and the corporeal beast. good luck mortal, you're going to need it." Saradomin comes up, "i have chosen my general, and the 6 barrow brothers. you are to fight them in a multi-combat zone. again, good luck." Bandos then steps up, "I Choose My General, And Tztok-Jad." he speaks these words with such force, it almost blows you back a couple of paces. Armadyl finally comes up. "i choose my general, and the Gorak Leader." "you have all chosen, thank you, i will send this mortal on his way." he takes you back to the door, "the first place you are to go to is the God Wars Dungeon. when you get there, go to Zamorak's River, but choose to swim with the current, for it will take you down a long watery tunnel. at the end will be a chamber, there will be a druid there to bank you items that you don't need. when you are ready, proceed through the northern door and you will fight all the generals, again (your runescape name), good luck."

You take the usual route to God Wars Dungeon, but when you get to the river, you choose to go with the current. it takes you down the tunnel and drains your hitpoints to 1 hp! when you get to the end, the druid is there, just like Guthix said. Here is where it is suggested to bank anything not needed, as your prayer will drain upon entering the room, because you are not allowed to use prayer. when you are ready, proceed through the northern door. you find yourself in front of all the generals. you have to fight them all in multi-combat. the general that drops each piece is random for each player. when you kill them all you should have all 4 pieces. the 5 gods appear and congratulate you. Guthix takes you back to the druids bank. "go through the eastern door, and smith my godsword. you need the fusion hammer that is used to smith the dragon platebody." you do what he says, and find yourself in front of a huge anvil. you smith the godsword and when you are done, it looks marvelous. Guthix appears next to you. "beautiful, isn't it?" "very," you respond, "like nothing i've ever seen before." Guthix chuckles, "that's because you haven't." "so now i have made it, what do i do with it?" "well you cannot use it with the beasts the gods have chosen, just use your primary weapon. i will tell you when you will use it. and now, prepare to fight the corporeal beast, alone." Guthix teleports you to the Bounty Hunter bank, again, but he will give you a "Guthix Sword". "just to help you, since it's so powerful." now get to the Corp. beast, and attack it with the sword, and use the spec. it gets hit a 2000 (rofffllll) and gets owned. drops zammy symbol, and go back to bh bank. you must then prepare to fight the 6 Barrows brothers in a multi-combat zone, which shouldn't be as hard as anything you have experienced before this. then go to the barrows area, but when you arrive, a cutscene will occur showing the barrows brothers rising from their graves, then you fight....

they will all attack you with their special armor effects. you can attack them in any order, and the last one you attack drops a Saradomin sigil. you will be teleported to burgh de rott bank, which Guthix will be there (obviously). he will take the sigil, then teleport you to the Tzhaar bank. you must prepare to fight Tztok-Jad. when you are ready, enter the fight caves, and you will be directly taken to Jad. when you kill him, he will drop the Bandos sigil. but you will not be given a fire cape. Guthix will appear beside you and take the sigil, then teleport you to the Fairy bank. you will prepare to fight the gorak leader, he is level 300, and not only can he hit through prayer, he will drain your prayer, attack, defence, strength, magic, and range. so prepare to fight. when you are ready, use the fairy code to teleport to the Gorak dimension, and then head north into the fog. find a door, enter, and you will be face to face with the Gorak leader. when you kill him, he will drop the Armadyl sigil. You will be teleported to the god realm and appear in front of the gods. they will congratulate you on your work, and you will be taken with Guthix. he takes you back to where you first met him, and then hand you his godsword. "it is time, (your runescape name). the gods have sent there armies down while they were pretending to celebrate for you. take my godsword, go to the observatory, and use it's special attack." he will then teleport you to East Ardougne, which it will be showing the gods armies from God Wars Dungeon attacking all humans and animals. it is mass chaos. you have to run all the way to the observatory, and also fight off massive amounts of monsters and warriors. when you get there, the 4 gods suddenly appear and try to take the godsword from you but you quickly use the special attack. time slows down, and you are shown driving the godsword into the ground. then green light suddenly shines on you, a symbol of guthix appears above you, and....
a huge wave of green light shoots out from all directions all around you, destroying the gods armies, and saving runescape. the 4 gods around you scream and again, try to take the godsword, but you decapitate them all. they are not dead, but you killed them. Guthix will come down and thank you for saving Glienor. but he has some bad new for you. "(your Runescape name), i have some bad news for you. Lucien has survived." you stand back, shocked at what he said, but then put on a confident face. "i can take him," you say, "i have the most powerful weapon on Glienor, he will be easy." Guthix sighs, "you do realize that Lucien is a Majarrat? he won't be that easy. he could summon more tormented demons to kill you. you could survive, but he will run." you put on a confused face. "...." "...." "well then how do i kill him?" Guthix shrugs, "i do not know how to kill a Majarrat. if i ever knew how to, i would. now can i please have my Godsword back?"aw come on, why?" "because i don't want you going around killing innocent runescape citizens with a godsword that could destroy Gleinor" "fine" you have over that godsword. "but" the god tells you, "here is my sword. it isn't as powerful as my godsword, but still pretty powerful." "wow thanks Guthix!" here your adventure ends, for now....

Reward- 10 lamps granting 50k xp in any skill
500k coins
Guthix Sword

Guthix Sword Stats
Stab +20
Slash +110
Crush +87
Range +0
Magic +25
The sword has a special attack called guthix light.
By: Administrator Of E-Scape 508 - Invincible

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PostSubject: Re: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:46 am

wow that is very long and i didnt really read much of it but it is a very good sugestion. it would take ages. just one thing is to make it like step 1 and stuff instead of it being like a story.
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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:22 am

LOL its more like a novel not a suggestion xD Cbf typing it all up again and re-arranging it Lol. By all means If you want to go ahead. =)

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PostSubject: Re: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:18 pm

Wow didnt read anything but the title but im sure it will be awesome if its from you. (naturally)

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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

Posts : 203
Join date : 2009-05-27
Age : 24
Location : Wtf is it to you?

PostSubject: Re: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:34 am

Yes it is from me naturally. I designed it and is 100% mine. =P

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PostSubject: Re: [Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes   

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[Quest Suggestion] When Guthix Awakes
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