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 (Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")

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PostSubject: (Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")   Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:33 am

The God Wars - By 1nf3rn0, owner of E-Scape 508.
(This suggestion is for Brad, since he does the coding for the game.)

Quest Name: The God Wars
Quest Level: Master
Quest Reward: 500k str, att, def and hp exp. 100M gp, Full Saradomin Armor (Rune with the white trim), Saradomin GodSword, full Saradomin Robes (the kind Sara wears in gods exposed), Access to the God Wars Dungeon AND corporal beast cave
Quest Requirements?: 99 strength, 95 attack, 90 defence, 91 HP (91 hp at the LEAST, 99 strongly reccomended)
Should be able to defeat hordes of high level enemies without banking.
Quest Storyline:
Step 1. Speak with the white knight in Falador Square, he will tell you that there is horrible news spreading throughout E-Scape, and there is rumor of a group of persons called the "Zamorak's Hardbringers", and they claim they have found a way to revive Zamorak, so that he may once again rule terrany over E-Scape. They need a mighty warrior to help them defeat the ZH. You can either say: Yes of course - or - No thanks, I'm not that stupid!
If you say Yes, then you have completed the first Step of the quest, and he will tell you to go speak with the monk at the Monastary near Ice Mountain.
Step 2. Speak with Brother Jared, he will tell you that he needs you to help him and him Sedrirdor (mage from wizards tower basement) to devise a holy-spell that will be able to seak out all of the ZH with Saradomin's holy power, and bring stop to this maddness. He tells you to go speak with Sedridor in the wizard tower's basement.
Step 3. You speak with Sedridor, and he explains that he is just about finished with the holy-spell, but he'll need you to go get 1000 air runes, 1000 water runes, 1000 earth runes, 1000 soul runes, and 500 law runes, which he needs to carry out the spell.
Step 4. Once you have the runes, go back and talk to Sediror, the runes will dissapear in your inventory as he takes them from you, and he sais, "I see you are a very skilled mage, you will need to help me with this spell so we can get it right. Click OK and there will be a large flash of light, temperarily blinding you, and when the light clears you will be standing in the Rune Essence tunnel. Sedridor explains that the spell failed and placed us here. You have lost 50 HP. Sedridor tells you to speak with the Apothocary in the Varrock Potions Store and get im to give you a Saradomin Brew, and tell him Sedirdor sent you, so that you won't have to pay.
Step 5. Once you have spoken with the apothocary, you can either say: I need a Saradomin Brew, - or - Sedridor sent me to get a Saradomin Brew.
If you choose the first one, he will charge you 100k for the potion, if you use the second one, you will get it free. Go back to the Wizards Tower and speak with Sedridor again.
Step 6. Sedridor will take the potion from you and then he will do the spell again, this time not needing the runes for some reason, and there will be another flash of light, this time you will appear at the gates of the White Knight Castle. Sedridor said the spell worked, and you can now start hunting down the ZH, and killing them off one-by-one before they summon Zamorak!
Step 7. Check the quest journal and it will say that the first ZH is located in the Lumbridge swamps. Go there and be prepared for a fight!
Step 8. Once in the Lumbridge Swamp, wander around until you find a Basilisk Boss, kill it.
BASILISK BOSS INFO: Hp: 400. Max hit: 35. Average hit: 20.
Once it is dead, you will be teleported to the wizards castle where you will talk with Sedridor, he will tell you he is impressed with your work, and will award you 7.14M gp. (If you talk with Sedridor after each ZH is dead, you will get 7.14M from him every time. After all of the 7 are dead, that will be 50M of your reward. If you fail to do this, you will NOT recieve 100M reward at the end, as you only get 50M at quest completion. This is how you get the other 50.)
Step 9. Check your quest journal, the 2nd ZH is located near the Mage Training Arena in the wilderness. Go there and wander around outside of it for a while until you find the Chaos Elemental, kill it. It will either drop a Dragon Battle-axe or medium helm which you can keep (50/50 chance for either)
CHAOS ELEMENTAL INFO: Hp: 700, Max hit: 40. Average hit: 25.
Repeat what you did before to claim another 7.14M.
Step 10. Check your quest journal, it will say the 3rd ZH is located in the Varrock Sewers, go down there and where those rat-killer people are on RuneScape you will find a Dagannoth Prime and Dagannoth Rex.
INFO FOR BOTH OF THEM: They are both level 303, both HP: 331. both max hit: 30. Average hit: 20.
Once dead, they will both drop either a Dragon hatchet (25% chance) or a Dragon Medium Helmet (75% chance).
Repeat the other procedure for another 7.14M.
Step 11. Check your quest journal, the 4th ZH is located in the Black Knight's Fortess. Go there and you will see an Elite Black Knight
ELITE BLACK KNIGHT INFO: Level 138, HP: 170, Max Hit: 50, Average Hit: 35.
When you enter the room they will begin talking, like a cutscene without it being a cutscene Razz
Knight: Ahh, you're the one they call _____ that has been taking out all of the Zamorak Hardbringers... You have killed 3 so far, so I suppose I would be the 4th. But think again, you WILL NOT DESTROY ME!
You: You have your head in your ass if you think you're going to scare me!
Knight: Me? Bah! I won't even have to swing my sword to kill you! RAWWRR!!!
Two king black dragon's appear in the room. (normal KBD's, no upgrades)
You have to kill them before you can attack the Knight, if you try to attack the Knight you will get a message saying, "i should probably tend to the dragons first!"
Kill the dragons and you will get a normal drop from them, then advance on to kill the Knight, if you leave to go to the bank for more food, when you come back you will have to kill the dragons again.
Once the knight is dead, he will drop either Elite Black Fullhelm, Platelegs, or Platebody (33% chance for all of them)
Repeat the old procedure for an additional 7.14M.
Step 12. Check your quest journal yet again, the 5th ZH is located on top of the Karamja Volcano, go there and you will find a Ket Zet : lvl 360, HP 400, max hit: 50, average hit: 10. Kill it and it will one of the three: Obsidian Cape (20% chance), obby shield [10%], obby maul (30%) obby mace (40%).
Repeat the old procedure for an additional 7.14M.
Step 13. Check your quest journal (DUH?), it will tell you that the 2nd last ZH is located ... behind you? When you X out the journal, you will find General Graardor standing behind you. It goes into another one of those concersation cut-scene thingies.
GG: You have been a fool to think you could destroy the GH! Now I will destroy YOU!
You: I'm .. n-n-not... af-f-fraid of... y-you!
GG: I smell the lies of your puny human face. It wreaks of FAIL!
He attacks you.
General Graardor Information:
Level: 624
HP: 1000
Max Hit: 85
Average Hit: 50
Once you have killed him (probably won't do it on the first try), he will drop either a: Bandos Hilt, Bandos Boots, Bandos Tasset (first 3 are 90% chance), or theres a 10% of getting a Bandos Godsword.
Repeat the previous procedure for an additional 7.14M.
Step 14. Check your quest journal, the final ZH, is located in an unknown area, would you like to be teleported to him?
Hit yes if you have LOTS of food, *note you can bank one time during this final battle*.
Once you select yes, you will be teleported to the Corporeal Beasts Lair.
One last cutscene.
You: Are you kidding me?!?!
CB: Noowwww Youu DIIEEEE!!
You: I didn't come all this way for nothing! TASTE MY BLADE!

There is a bank booth to the left about 40 squares, but it can only be used ONCE, (when you are in the bank, the CB will not attack you for 10 seconds, unless you x out the bank booth, in which case he will pursue you as usual), so use it wisely!

Level: 785
HP: 3000
Max Hit: 90
Average Hit: 75

Once dead, it will drop one of the following:
Dragon Claws (5%)
Armadyl Godsword (10%)
Abyssal Whip (30%)
1000 noted Dragon Bones (30%)
10M GP (20%)
Dragon Platebody (5%)

Once it is dead, you will be teleported back to Sedridor, who will congratulate you and tell you that you have done all they needed of you, and they would take it from here. He gives you 7.14M for killing the CB.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!
You recieve: 500k str, att, def and hp exp. 100M gp, Full Saradomin Armor (Rune with the white trim), Saradomin GodSword, full Saradomin Robes (the kind Sara wears in gods exposed), AND Access to the God Wars Dungeon and corporal beast cave



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PostSubject: Re: (Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:24 pm

nice quest suggestion. hope you get time to finish it soon.
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PostSubject: Re: (Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")   Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:54 pm

Awesome suggestion sean, like it ;]

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PostSubject: Re: (Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")   

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(Updated and finished) [Quest Suggestion] - The Zamorak Hardbringers (used to be "The God Wars")
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