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 Official Rules Of The Forums - E-Scape

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PostSubject: Official Rules Of The Forums - E-Scape   Sun May 31, 2009 11:43 pm

1. No spam - This means no posting messages that have nothing to do with the primary subject (i.e. General Discussion) and the thread that you're posting in (i.e.. How can we improve the forums?). We're not too strict on spam. However, that doesn't mean we'll permit it, so do us a favor and STAY on a topic.

2. No disrespect - We WILL not put up with people being discourteous to one another, specifically to the staff. Flaming & Baiting are categorized under no disrespect either, because flaming is being uncivil towards another member and baiting is enticing them into a dispute, please keep your arguments either in the rank forum, or in PM.

3. No Advertising - Advertising another server, or advertising the forum of that server, is strictly forbidden, UNLESS you have permission, that states otherwise, which means you either PM Administrator Inferno, Administrator Yomite, Administrator Invincible or Administrator Speedcore for permission.

4. No Racism, Sexism, Discrimination - Unquestionably forbidden, Racism, Sexism, or Discrimination is completely against the regulations, such action WILL result in a serious penalty. - Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, when it comes to racism, sexism, or discrimination, it's strictly prohibited, we will NOT put up with it.

5. Inappropriate Images, Content or Links - We don't allow that to be posted on these boards, because there's toddlers that play the game as well, post them somewhere else that isn't on these boards.

6. Harassment or Sexual Harassment - Constantly PMing a member will not be allowed and either will sexual aggravation, which are unwelcome sexual jokes, unpleasant remarks, etc.

7. Think before you post - Self-Explanatory, please read the whole thread, or the entire post that someone else made in that thread, before you decide to comment on what she, or he said, this is to prevent disputes and clogging up someone else's thread with someone getting some information wrong or something.

8. Stay in your lane - Primarily what this means is...don't act like a moderator or an administrator by trying to take a situation by yourself, there's nothing wrong with being an ideal player, just report it to a moderator or an administrator.

Just to remind everyone that this DOES apply to the shout box, breaking these rules will result in probation or possibly banned from the forums+shout box. Furthermore, these regulations are subject to change at anytime, and it'll be posted which rules are at, and if you don't like a regulation, then post here and tell us why you think it should be adjusted or taken off.

Last edited by Invincible on Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:41 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Putting it as a sticky.)
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Official Rules Of The Forums - E-Scape
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