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 [Official] Halloween Event

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Head Administrator

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PostSubject: [Official] Halloween Event   Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:05 pm

So, of course we want to have a H'ween event in October. And I think we should have a freakin awesome event, so what I want you all to do, is think of an idea for the H'ween event and describe it in detail. I will pick the top 4 or 5 ideas, and hold a poll. The winning event will be made into the game in October!


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PostSubject: Re: [Official] Halloween Event   Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:25 pm

I think I got one.
Name: Zombies vs knights
Description: You all know black knights hate white knights,but in this event,they will have to merge together. The zombies have awoken like they always do every halloween. There out and ready to eat some flesh.
In runescape
Undead = Level 18-72
White knights level 42-66
Black knights level 32-45
I thought this might be a kinda cool quest since there almost all in a same level.
Well techinally what happends is white and black knights have to form a colony together or they might as well loose every civilian in E-scape. To start of the quest you talk to "The wize old man"
TWOM (The wize old man): Ahh username I need your help,the undead is forming a army on hallowween and is plotting to strike on us. We will need as much reinforcements as possible. And hey you look pretty fit,could you help us out?
Username: No - Yes
Username: Yes sure I would be delighted to help you out!
TWOM: Alright,go speak to guildmaster south of varrock square.
Username - Goes to guildmaster
Username: Hello Guildmaster! The twom has sent me here to talk to you about the undead army?
Guildmaster: Ahhh cool,well the situation is civilians can't handle the undead alone,so we called in the white knights. But STILL that might not be enough. They are trying to form a piece treating with them.
Guildmaster: Speak to me tomarrow.
Guildmaster - tomarrow done.
Guildmaster: Hello again! Want to be sent to the battlefield?
Username: Yes - no
Username: Yes.
Username: - Sent into a video mode.
- Battlefield -
REWARD: 200K EXP - SYTHE or a diff custom item of forums choice.
Hows that? Also I wouldn't suggest you make it like you actually attack the skeletons,you just get sent into a video mode for level purpose's.

I also thought this up and what? 10-20minutes? I was kinda bored. Gimme your ideas.


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[Official] Halloween Event
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